The research-based Mi-STAR Professional Learning Program supports the transformation of science and engineering teaching and learning and prepares teachers to implement our curriculum in the classroom.

About the Program

The Mi-STAR Professional Learning Program uses a "train the trainers" approach to professional development and includes three unique pathways: 

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Teacher PathwayFacilitator and Teacher Leader Pathway
Mi-STAR has developed a program to train and support teachers to implement Mi-STAR Units in Michigan classrooms. Small groups of middle school teachers complete a series of activities to prepare them to implement the Mi-STAR Curriculum in their classrooms. Groups are led by a certified Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF). Mi-STAR staff trains individuals with the appropriate STEM background and experience to become Mi-STAR certified Professional Learning Facilitators (PLF) and Mi-STAR Teacher Leaders (TL). Mi-STAR PLFs and TLs support teachers from their area to implement the Mi-STAR curriculum. Mi-STAR PLFs also facilitate introductory teacher training and ongoing PLCs. Learn more about the two leadership roles by clicking below to view more information on each role.
Mi-STAR Teacher

                    Mi-STAR PLF and Mi-STAR Teacher Leader             

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Mi-STAR was founded in 2015 through generous support provided by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation. Mi-STAR has also received substantial support from the National Science Foundation, the MiSTEM Advisory Council through the Michigan Department of Education, and Michigan Technological University.