Mi-STAR is motivated by a vision for the future in which science is taught and learned as an integrated body of knowledge that can be applied to address societal issues.

Are your students ready for the Next Generation Science Standards assessments?

Mi-STAR is a middle school curriculum that supports both the NGSS and the Michigan State Standards, while empowering students to use science and engineering practices to address real-world issues. We provide professional learning for teachers implementing the curriculum.

Only 16% of high-schoolers are interested in STEM fields. That means the middle school years are crucial.

The research-based Mi-STAR Professional Learning Program supports the transformation of science and engineering teaching and learning and prepares teachers to implement our curriculum in the classroom.

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Middle school grades represent crucial years to foster STEM interests in students.

With the Mi-STAR curriculum, students become solution builders as they use science and engineering practices to address a real-world challenge that spans each unit.

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Mi-STAR was founded in 2015 through generous support provided by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation. Mi-STAR has also received substantial support from the National Science Foundation, the MiSTEM Advisory Council through the Michigan Department of Education, and Michigan Technological University.