Mi-STAR Staff

Luke Bowman, PhD
Curriculum Development Assistant

Gregg Bluth, PhD
Curriculum Development and Implementation Associate

Megan Coonan
Professional Learning Associate

Brian Danhoff
Curriculum Development Assistant

Brian Gane, PhD
Assessment Specialist

Allison Hein
Financial Coordinator

Jen Lenon
Professional Learning Associate

Cindy Lysne
Curriculum Development/Professional Learning Assistant

Beth Meier
Curriculum and Assessment Development Assistant

Barbara McIntyre
Curriculum Development and Outreach Associate

Tony Matthys, PhD
Curriculum Development Associate

Lisa Nelson
Professional Learning Assistant

Doug Oppliger
Curriculum Development Associate

Marianne Semones
Administrative Assistant

Lindsey Watch
Curriculum Development Assistant

Certified Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitators

Jessica Ashley, Oakland Schools
Robert Beneson, Almont Community Schools
Yonee Bryant-Kuiphoff, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Jean Buller, Independent
Greg Busse, Sparta Area Schools
Susan Clark, Utica Community Schools
Landry Coffey, Jenison Public Schools
Sarah Coleman, Muskegon Area ISD
Noelle Collis, Bloomfield Hills Schools
Kathy Coppens, Independent
Amy Deller-Antieau, Ann Arbor Public Schools
Jennifer Derby, Forest Hills Public Schools
Emma Distelrath, Utica Community Schools
Mike Fine, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District
Mike Gallagher, Oakland Schools
Christine Geerer, Grosse Pointe Public Schools
Kendall Grazul, Jenison Public Schools
John Gregg, Walled Lake Consolidated School District
Dawn Kahler, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Angela Kanerva, Pinckney Community Schools
Connie Kennedy, Bay City Public Schools & SVSU Math & Science Center
Jamie Kimber, Lake Orion Community Schools
Jennifer Lenon, Midland Public Schools
Barb McIntyre, Independent
Julie Mallia, Brighton Area Schools
Lesley Markus, Utica Community Schools
Morgan Minisee, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Lara Minnear, Zeeland Public Schools
Wendy O'Keefe, Brighton Area Schools
Lisa Ogiemwonyi, Rochester Community Schools
Amy Oliver, Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA)
Shawn Oppliger, Independent
Emily Petroske, Fitzgerald Public Schools
Ashley Poole, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Anne Prill, Lapeer Schools
Chris Prill, Lapeer Schools
Jaime Ratliff, Lapeer Schools
Terrie Robbie, Saginaw Township Community Schools
Laura Ruelas, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Jacqueline Sander, Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Annie Schave, Flat Rock Community Schools
Wendy Smith, St. Johns Public School
Colleen Stamm, Farmington Public Schools
Megan Throm, Berkley Schools
Joseph Trommater, Clare-Gladwin RESD
Allison VanDriessche, Bay City Public Schools
Wendi Vogel, Kent Intermediate School District
Andrea Williams, West Bloomfield School District
Bo Winkler, Independent
Monica Wyrwicz, Rochester Community Schools

Teachers participating in Mi-STAR Curriculum Development (partial list)

Robin Allen, Midland Public Schools
Sara Beiring, Houghton-Portage Township Schools
Yonee Bryant-Kuiphoff, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Megan Coonan, Saginaw ISD
Sharon DeRees, Midland Public Schools
Chris Geerer, Grosse Pointe Public Schools
Kendall Grazul, Jenison Public Schools
Jennifer Grivins, Eaton Rapids Public Schools
Julie Hahn, Parchment Schools
Jody Heaney, Parchment Schools
Amy Huff, Arenac Eastern School District
Dawn Kahler, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Carmen Kessler, Midland Public Schools
Jennifer Lehman, Midland Public Schools
Jennifer Lenon, Midland Public Schools
Barbara McIntyre, Midland Public Schools (former)
Kevin Maitner, Grand Rapids Public Schools
Jennifer Martin Davis, Hancock Public Schools (former), L’Anse Area Schools (former)
Ashley O’Neil, Central Michigan University
Jennifer Pera, Adams Township Schools
Heather Peterson, Grand Rapids Public Schools
Heather Phelps, Saginaw Independent School District
Courtney Quinn, Charlotte Public Schools
Kurt Rizley, Grand Rapids Public Schools
Rebecca Stinson, Midland Public Schools
Katelyn Sutton, Hancock Public Schools (former)
Christine Swan, Midland Public Schools
Neil Syrek, Grand Rapids Public Schools
Monica Thoune, Nah Tah Wahsh PSA
Susan Tollefson, L'Anse Area Schools
Sue Trahan, Midland Public Schools
Sheri Turner, Bangor Township Schools
Rachael Wilber, White Cloud Public Schools
Denise Wilder, L'Anse Area Schools
Gwen Windiate, Bangor Township Schools
Bernadette Wood, Midland Public Schools


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