Mi-STAR uses the train-the-trainer approach to prepare teachers 
to implement our NGSS and MSS aligned curriculum. To teach the curriculum, teachers must work with a Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator. We train and certify qualified individuals as Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitators. 


Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator Training

Are you interested in being trained as a Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator? Please complete this interest form and we will notify you once the next training dates and location are scheduled.

  • The Facilitator Pathway is for individuals with the appropriate STEM background and previous experience in providing teacher professional learning, such as coaches, consultants, and teacher leaders.
  • We recommend that prior to the Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) training participants have had at least one of the following trainings:  NGSx training, Modeling in Michigan training, MISCIPL@N workshops (Tier I, II, and III).

Facilitator Pathway Overview

Participants engage in a combination of online and face-to-face activities designed to support them to prepare teachers to successfully implement Mi-STAR units.The activities for this pathway are listed in sequential order below:

1) Orientation Meeting - Facilitators participate in this virtual, online meeting introducing the logistics of the Facilitator Pathway.

2) Introduction to the Curriculum for Facilitators - Facilitators complete an online course and participate in PLC discussions led by Mi-STAR Professional Learning Staff.

3) Professional Learning Facilitation Training - Facilitators participate in a 3-day face-to-face workshop that will provide facilitators with hands-on experience with the Mi-STAR Curriculum. 

4) Facilitate Teacher Pathway - PLFs support small groups of middle school teachers as they complete the professional learning activities on the Teacher Pathway and implement the Mi-STAR curriculum in their classrooms. See pricing information here

5) Quarterly Check-In Meetings - Virtually join other PLFs and Mi-STAR staff online for PLC discussions topics pertaining to the successes and challenges encountered while supporting teachers as they complete the Professional Learning Program and implement the Mi-STAR Curriculum in the classroom. 

6) Be a critical part of the Mi-STAR Community. The training certifies PLFs for two years. You will have the opportunity to renew your PLF certification every two years by participating in an online and/or face to face (TBD) training to continue to work with teachers in your area to implement Mi-STAR.


Activity Details




Orientation Meeting
Virtual Online Meeting that covers the logistics of PLF Pathway.
  • Get to know PLC members
  • Review expectations
  • Familiarize with Canvas, Mi-STAR Website, etc
Mi-STAR Introduction to the Curriculum for FacilitatorsThis is an online Canvas course, with four synchronous virtual PLC sessions, which provides an overview of  NGSS and Mi-STAR Curriculum and instruction on how to run PLC groups with classroom teachers.
  • Discuss the 3 dimensions of the  NGSS performance expectations using the Next Generation Science  and NGSS@NSTA sites.
  • Identify instructional strategies that engage students in 3D learning as indicated by the NGSS standards.
  • Explain how the Mi-STAR curriculum engages students in 3 D learning.
  • Summarize the structure of the Mi-STAR curriculum, including at the grade, unit and lesson level.
  • Participate in Mi-STAR Experiential Session.
Professional Learning Facilitation TrainingThree day face to face session that provides facilitators with hands-on experience with the Mi-STAR Curriculum. In addition, it highlights resources to run the Mi-STAR professional learning program with classroom teachers.
  • Explain the structure of the Mi-STAR Unit and Lesson.
  • Summarize the purpose of the Unit Challenge Experiences, and related student products.
  • Describe the purpose of each lesson (L1, L-UC, Middle) in a unit to support students in addressing the Unit Challenge.
  • Explain the purpose of the phases of a Mi-STAR lesson.
  • Use the Mi-STAR specific pedagogical tools within the lessons to support student engagement in 3D learning.
  • Use facilitation protocols and other strategies to engage classroom teachers in 3D learning as indicated by the Mi-STAR curriculum.
  • Use the resources available by the Mi-STAR Professional Learning program to implement the Professional Learning pathway for classroom teachers.
  • Summarize how the Mi-STAR Academy Unit Specific Modules will aid teachers in properly implementing the units
Facilitate Teacher PathwayMi-STAR PLFs guide teachers through the Teacher Pathway including Curriculum Primer, Experiential Sessions and Unit Primer(s). 
  • Summarize the scientific and Unit Challenge content of each Mi-STAR unit.
  • Prepare to coach teachers through specific Mi-STAR Units.
Quarterly PLF Check-In  meetingsVirtual one-hour meetings that provide follow-up support as facilitators implement the professional learning pathway with classroom teachers.
  • Summarize successes and challenges in implementing the professional learning pathway with classroom teachers.
  • Support each other with suggestions for improvements and resources around implementation of the professional learning pathway.
  • Evaluate and provide suggestions for improvement to professional learning pathway.

For questions about the Mi-STAR Professional Learning Program, please contact Marianne Semones, msemones@mtu.edu.
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