I need a middle school science curriculum that meets MSS and/or NGSS standards. Can Mi-STAR help?
Can you give me basic information about the curriculum?
How many units are available? When will the full curriculum be available?
Who is developing the curriculum? What's the process?
When was the most recent update of your materials? How often are your materials updated?
How is the curriculum organized? What will it include?
In what ways do your instructional materials provide opportunities for students to engage in making sense of natural phenomena?
Is there a relevant engineering component?
How do your units provide students with the opportunities to revisit and revise their models/thinking?
How do you incorporate literacy and writing into your lessons/unit?
Are the units designed to be used in conjunction with a textbook? Or, does Mi-STAR have suggested informational reading for the students that goes with the units?
In what ways do your instructional materials provide support for ELL and Special Education and gifted learners?
Can districts and teachers preview the available curriculum?
How much does the Mi-STAR curriculum cost?
Can any teacher use the curriculum?
How do I find a Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) in my region?
How do Mi-STAR teachers obtain materials? Do you have to buy kits?
What is the minimum amount of program components that the district can purchase and still get a strong resource that addresses the full intent of the NGSS and NRC Framework?
Where do I sign up to receive updates on Mi-STAR?
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