Mi-STAR uses a train-the-trainer approach to prepare teachers to implement our curriculum, which is aligned with NGSS and the standards of many states that have adopted new standards based on NGSS. Mi-STAR staff will train individuals that have the appropriate STEM background as well as experience in providing teacher professional learning. Individuals who successfully complete the training will become Mi-STAR certified Professional Learning Facilitators. Each certified Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator will be able to prepare teachers from their local region to effectively implement the Mi-STAR curriculum.

If interested in participating in a Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator training, complete this interest form
For questions about the Mi-STAR Professional Learning Program, please contact Marianne Semones, msemones@mtu.edu.  

 2017-2018 Professional Learning Pilot Project in Michigan

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Mi-STAR is pilot testing its Professional Learning Program by training certified Professional Learning Facilitators (PLFs) in Michigan. These individuals are currently working with implementing classroom teachers. The pilot Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator Training Program involves two different cohorts of PLFs. Participants in these two cohorts include teachers, STEM learning coaches, representatives of ISDs, and members of state-level organizations. Each PLF will work with their own cohorts of implementing classroom teachers who will complete the pilot Mi-STAR Professional Learning Program. The pilot Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator Training Program is underway and is closed to applicants at this time.  Please check back to this page for future training opportunities. 

Interested in using Mi-STAR units during the 2017-2018 school year? School or district administrators can contact one of the Mi-STAR certified Professional Learning Facilitators in their region to inquire about getting their teachers trained to implement Mi-STAR units.  

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