The Mi-STAR curriculum will include 22 units addressing all NGSS performance expectations (PEs) for grades 6-8. 

Twelve units are available to all Michigan educators who complete the required professional learning. The remaining 7th and 8th grade units will be available sometime in 2019 or 2020.

The Mi-STAR Unit Progression Model outlines our bundling and sequencing of the NGSS performance expectations for grades 6-8, including Mi-STAR themes and Unifying Crosscutting Concepts:


Download the Mi-STAR Unit Progression Model 

The progression model is available for use by all educators who are transitioning to NGSS or related standards. Click here to download a .pdf of the Mi-STAR Unit Progression Model.  Please attribute Mi-STAR when using in any manner.  Suggested citation: 

Bergman, B.G., S.C. Tubman, E. Gochis, J.E.Huntoon. 2016. A progression and bundling model for developing integrated, socially-relevant science and engineering curricula aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, Grades 6-8. Journal of the Michigan Science Teachers Association. Volume 61.2.

More information about the Progression Model

Want more information? A paper on the progression model is available online on p. 25 of the Fall 2016 Volume of the Journal of Michigan Science Teachers Association (Volume 61.2).
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