The Mi-STAR curriculum includes 22 units addressing all NGSS performance expectations (PEs) for grades 6-8. 

The full Mi-STAR curriculum is available to teachers who complete our professional learning.  

The Mi-STAR Unit Progression Model outlines our bundling and sequencing of the NGSS performance expectations for grades 6-8, including Mi-STAR themes and Unifying Crosscutting Concepts:

Download the Mi-STAR Unit Progression Model 

The progression model is available for use by all educators who are transitioning to NGSS or related standards. Click here to download a .pdf of the Mi-STAR Unit Progression Model.  Please attribute Mi-STAR when using in any manner.  Suggested citation: 

Bergman, B.G., S.C. Tubman, E. Gochis, J.E.Huntoon. 2016. A progression and bundling model for developing integrated, socially-relevant science and engineering curricula aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, Grades 6-8. Journal of the Michigan Science Teachers Association. Volume 61.2.

More information about the Progression Model

Want more information? A paper on the progression model is available online on p. 25 of the Fall 2016 Volume of the Journal of Michigan Science Teachers Association (Volume 61.2).
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