Grosse Pointe News Covers Mi-STAR Students’ Visit with State Legislator

Friday, March 1, 2019
Chris Geerer’s sixth graders had a chance to advise State Rep. Tenisha Yancey on the danger of invasive species during her Feb. 25 visit to Parcells Middle School, according to an article published Feb. 27 in the Grosse Pointe News.  In return, Yancy told the students about the state legislative process and promised to involve them in protection efforts. “I will be in contact with you so that we can work together to help preserve Michigan’s ecosystems,” she said.

Geerer, who has helped developed and pilot several Mi-STAR units, invited Yancey to hear her student’s final presentations on Unit 6.6: Interactions Within Ecosystems, which addresses Michigan ecosystems and challenges students to propose and defend a management strategy to combat invasive species.

The article,  “Real-life Learning: Parcells Students Present Ecosystem Findings to State Legislator,” was written by Mary Anne Brush.

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