“New Science for Researchers of Tomorrow”

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Read about the origins, goals, and experiences of Mi-STAR in the recent article “New Science for Researchers of Tomorrow” (p.8-10, Research magazine Spring 2016).  Teachers who have pilot tested Mi-STAR curriculum offer insights from their experiences. “I think it’s going to be a great model for classrooms nationwide,” says Robin Allen, a sixth-grade teacher at Northeast Middle School in Midland. “Mi-STAR has developed a curriculum that is interdisciplinary, high energy, authentic, problem based and of high interest to students. The units are well thought out, and the flow of the lessons makes sense.” Jen Martin, of L’Anse Junior High School, reflects on how students learn through the Mi-STAR curriculum: “Mi-STAR involves students more directly in their own learning.” Read more here.

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L’Anse Middle School students actively involved in the piloting of Mi-STAR’s 6th grade unit, “Stability and Change in Michigan Ecosystems.”

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