Congratulations to Graduating Noyce Teacher Leader Fellows

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Congratulations to the first group of Noyce teacher leader fellows to complete the Michigan Middle School Master Teachers Fellowship Program!

Graduating Noyce teacher leader fellows have all completed a 5-year professional learning program that included leadership development, individualized mentoring, and preparation for designing and implementing evidence-based instructional improvements. Over the course of the program, the Fellows have become recognized as leaders in their schools, districts, and throughout the State of Michigan. Several have made presentations to other experienced and effective teachers at national events, including some sponsored by the Federal government. Many have received s promotions and professional awards.

As part of their professional learning program, a large number of the Noyce teacher leader fellows worked with Mi-STAR to test units, develop professional learning tools, design classroom activities, and draft lessons and assessments. We at Mi-STAR are deeply appreciative of all the hard work and dedication fellows have shown over the course of the program. Our curriculum is undeniably better as a result of their contributions.

This year’s graduating class of Noyce Teacher Leader Fellows include:

  • Katie Bryant, LakeVille Community Schools
  • Zachary Freeman, Birch Run Area Schools
  • Lori Hall, Saginaw Public Schools
  • Lorie Hurley, Saginaw Public Schools
  • Dawn Kahler, Kalamazoo Public Schools
  • Kari Keith, Saginaw Township Community Schools
  • John Kowalski, Saginaw Township Community Schools
  • Yonee Kuiphoff, Kalamazoo Public Schools
  • Jennifer Pera, Adams Township Schools
  • Ashley Poole, Kalamazoo Public Schools
  • Laura Ruelas, Kalamazoo Public Schools

These graduating Fellows all entered the program with a master’s degree. A second group of Fellows, most of whom completed requirements for a Master’s in Applied Science Education from Michigan Tech during the program, are on track to graduate next summer. A third cohort will complete the program later.

The Michigan Master Teacher Fellows Program is supported by NSF Award#1758392.

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