Mi-STAR Subscription Payment

Mi-STAR 2021-22 subscriptions are now available for purchase, for the period July 1, 2021 thru June 20, 2022. A grant from the MiSTEM Advisory Council has provided a limited number of scholarships for some teachers - to access these scholarships, use the payment link provided to you by your district.  

The primary method of payment is Credit Card - for other payment methods, contact Mi-STAR <mi-star@mtu.edu>.
Billing Info

Note: this email will receive a unique link from Mi-STAR, which enables anyone (with that link) to invite teachers (by email) to accept their Mi-STAR subscription. This will replace the need for payment tokens (which were used last year).

If you do not see your district listed here, email mi-star@mtu.edu to have it added as an option.
Total Payment: $0
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